Types of Sirens Hair Extensions

All Sirens hair is Remy which means the cuticle is processed very carefully in the same direction so as not to tangle. The hair is also coloured very gently to ensure the cuticle stays in tact which means the hair will not degrade after washing and can last between 6 to 15 months in the client's hair. We meticulously test the quality and longevity of the hair we use and are proud to say that we supply and fit only the best remy european grade 5A double drawn hair. The hair is ethically sourced from a variety of countries including Mongolia and Russia and is european standard. This ensures the hair is of similar standard to the majority of our clients.

Mini Tip Micro Ring Extensions

At Sirens Hair Extensions we mainly work with Mini Tip micro ring. These extensions are attached by a micro ring or little clamp that the extension slides into. We always use silicone inlay inside our micro rings which ensures they have the highest amount of grip. These also can be easily maintained after 8 weeks at a time. It is a simple process where the old ring is removed and a new one is put in its place, close to the top of the hair ensuring the neat feeling of fresh extensions again. This has to be done every few months as your hair will grow with the extensions so the ring looks further down on the hair and may be more noticeable. If your hair is in good condition then mini tip micro ring will be a natural looking option.


Micro Ring Weft Extensions

This is a very gentle method of attaching hair extensions. The hair is in weft form and we use the micro rings to attach to the weft and the clients own hair neatly concealing it under the natural hair. We find this is a great method for clients that may have more damaged or weaker hair. Because the weight of the hair is distributed over a bigger area of natural hair there is minimal breakage for the clients hair. This can also be maintained very easily every 6 to 8 weeks with removal of the old micro ring and replacing with a new micro ring. If your hair is not strong then this could be a good method for you.

Nano Ring Extensions

This method uses a smaller ring that attaches to the wire at the top of the extension. We found that this method can lead to bonds slipping more than a micro ring. Luckily we have done further research and now supply and nano ring method that uses a more pliable nylon at the top which has much more grip so ensures that the nanos we use are not prone to slippage like the traditional metal wire nanos. They are also more comfortable in the hair. These extensions are more discrete but are only recommended for clients that have good quality hair. This is because the nano ring is very small and the amount of hair you can attach to this type of ring is less than a micro ring so puts more stress on the natural hair. (because of the shorter lifespan to nano we are currently not doing nanos.


Glue Extensions?

At Sirens we choose not to use any glue or heat methods. When you apply extensions with glue you then have to remove them with harsh chemical substances like acetone. This is not good for your natural hair and can promote breakage. The glue therefore is also very hard to maintain and time consuming. We do not see any advantages with outdated glue so do not participate in this method.