Looking After Sirens Hair

All Sirens hair is Remy which means the cuticle is processed very carefully in the same direction so as not to tangle. The hair is also coloured very gently to ensure the cuticle stays in tact which means the hair will not degrade after washing and can last between 6 to 15 months in the client's hair. We meticulously test the quality and longevity of the hair we use and are proud to say that we supply and fit only the best remy european grade 5A double drawn hair. The hair is ethically sourced from a variety of countries including Mongolia and Russia and is european standard. This ensures the hair is of similar standard to the majority of our clients.

Washing Hair

Step 1

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo no more or no less than 3 times a week.

Step 2

Use a strong conditioner. Look for one that contains silicone, such as L’Oreal Elvive and that is for colour treated hair. Another good one is Charles Worthington hair moisture conditioner. Leave on for 5 minutes for maximum effect. Then use a leave in conditioner. Never use conditioner on the bonds, only on hair middle to ends.

Drying & Styling Hair

Step 1

Do not leave hair to dry naturally. It could weaken the extensions and bonds. Never brush hair when wet. Use your fingers only to work through the hair whilst drying. When detangling hair it is important to pull hair apart sideways and not downwards. When brushing hair, always use a DENMAN soft bristle brush (D80) These can be bought from Sirens Hair Extensions or online.

Step 2

Do not use excessive heat on hair like straighteners or tongs. Curling is best done with ceramic rollers as its more gentle heat over time not degrading the hair. Use a heat protection serum or spray. Only use through the ends of the hair, not near the roots. Use on both wet and dry hair.

Step 3

When brushing, divide the hair in two bunches. Support one bunch at a time and brush through the ends. When going to bed, make sure hair is tied back in a loose side plait, but not a French plait or any tight style

Step 4

If on holiday try using a hair sun spray to protect the hair from discolouring. Avoid excessive use of chlorinated pool water or salty sea water, All can discolour hair. When going swimming ensure that hair is tied in a plait or in a bun. Try not to get hair in pool!